3rd Annual Night at the Races

Join us for another FUN night at the Races!  Tickets are $50 per person.

Make checks payable to: NJAEO, P.O. Box 1104, Secaucus, NJ 07094



S647 – Expansion of the MIB application

Signed into law by Gov. Murphy on August 10, 2018, S647 permits, among other things, “registered voters to receive mail-in ballots automatically for all elections under certain conditions.”  The law also changed the voter registration and mail-in ballot application.  Both forms were updated by the State DOE.  The new voter registration forms are dual purpose and can be used as both a voter registration and a mail-in ballot application.

A3463 – Voter Total Counts at the Polls

On August 24, 2018, Gov. Murphy signed A3463 which requires district boards of election to publicly display a notice containing the number of voters who voted at each election district, indicating the number of voters who voted using a voting machine and the number of voters who have voted using a provisional ballot.

A2014 – Automatic Voter Registration at DMV

Signed by Gov. Murphy on April 17, 2018, A2014 automatically registers or updates voter registration as part of driver’s license application or renewal for any eligible person.  Additionally, the bill expands automatic voter registration to any other state agency that collects proof of voter eligibility, as verified by the Secretary of State.  Upon the Secretary’s approval, the agency may implement automatic voter registration for eligible individuals.  This legislation takes effect in November 2018.

2nd Annual NJAEO Night at the Races

Join us at the 2nd annual Night at the Races – we have Skyboxes 4 & 5 at the Meadowlands and it promises to be a FUN evening!

$40 per person / $75 per couple.


Night at the Races on August 4th







Members of the NJAEO presented the 9th race winner’s trophy to Fab Finance and his jockey. Pictured are: Michael H. Harper, Hudson County Clerk of the Board/NJAEO President; John Brzozowski, Acting Hudson County Superintendent of Elections; Michael Gibbons, Chief Deputy Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections; and Dennis Kobitz, Administrator Union County Board of Elections and NJAEO Past President.

New ADA Tools

New survey tools and instructional videos are available to assist in achieving full ADA compliance in our polling places.

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New voting machines to produce paper record of each vote cast

On February 27th, A4619 was introduced by Assemblywoman Elizabeth Muoio (D15) and Assemblymen Andrew Zwicker (D16), Reed Gusciora (D15) and Daniel Benson (D14). This legislation, if passed, would require new voting machines to produce a “paper record of each vote cast, which shall be made available for inspection and verification by the voter at the time the vote is cast, and preserved for later use in any manual audit.”